Axel ONBOarding

Lightweight onboarding
which frees you from
the mental burden.

The 100% customisable HR Onboarding application, designed
to meet your needs while taking the burden off your shoulders.


They onboard their new recruits with Axel

Make the arrival of each new recruit
a success without adding any tools.

The HR application that automates your onboarding process to save you time and
provide a unique experience for your new hires. Available on...


Empower your employees

Automate workflows and empower the stakeholders involved in welcoming your new recruits (IT, General Services, Payroll, Manager, Sponsor, etc.)

No need to think of everything for everyone: Axel takes over!

Stay in control by monitoring each person's task completion level via your dashboard.

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Customise your process endlessly

Create a tailor-made onboarding process that looks like your company.

100% customisable, to efficiently onboard permanent employees, trainees
or even service providers... on site or remotely!
With Axel, everything is possible, simply.

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Do not add a tool

Don't add yet another tool to your staff.

Axel is an invisible application, 100% integrated with your instant messaging tool (Slack, MS Teams, Google Chat).

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Automate. Save time.

Emailing, texting and automatic meeting scheduling

Forget the time when you did everything by hand. With Axel, everything is done automatically.

Preboarding platform

Your recruits feel at home before they even start their new job. Engage them and share resources with them before they arrive.

HR follow-up

Keep track of task completion, receive automatic alerts and monitor the progress of new recruits beyond their first week.

They love Axel.

When a new employee arrives, their objectives are clearly set, the team is ready to welcome them, and key meetings are automatically scheduled in our diaries. The user experience on the HR and manager side is intuitive, and it's a really pleasant tool to use.

Virginie Outerovich, Group Talent Director & HR Transformation
Developing a sense of belonging during the first weeks of a collaboration is essential. Axel guides us step by step so that we don't forget any of the steps necessary for the integration of our new nuggets.
An indispensable tool for any manager who wants to try a new employee experience.

Maud Scellier, Human Resources Director