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Axel Management

Let's reduce the mental burden
on managers.

The time-saving HR application for busy managers.


A unique HR application that supports...

Agile Team
Junior Manager

Routines to boost collaboration
of teleworking teams.

Stop wasting time on actions that can be automated.
Keep your team engaged and productive remotely, even across time zones.

TRY ON teams

Stand-ups and check-ins

THE POPULAR - Every day, line up your team and identify potential blockers in seconds.

Axel automates your stand-ups, shares the reports with you and keeps the history on your dashboard.

The stand-up and check-in routines are 100% customisable. Customise them as much as you like to suit your team's needs.

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Preparation of 1 On 1

LE CHOUCHOU - Make every 1 On 1 an engaging, productive moment and leave the point with real next steps.

Tailor the content to each member of your team and make the most of all your 1 On 1s with them.

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How does teleworking work? 

THE UNFORGETTABLE - Teleworking is new to many... and not always easy.

Establish this routine so that your employees can report any problems to you and you can do something about them.

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They love Axel.

As CEO, Axel helped me to keep an eye on the morale of my team during the health crisis.
Thanks to Axel, I was able to detect a drop in motivation among some of my teleworkers,
which allowed me to act accordingly.

Nazim Nachi, CEO