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Axel Management

Let's reduce the mental burden
on managers.

The time-saving HR application for busy managers.


A unique HR application that supports...

Agile Team
Junior Manager

Routines for managers who are managing
a team for the first time.

A simple and flexible HR application to support junior managers in
adopting essential good management practices 👇

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Preparation of meetings

THE UNFORGETTABLE - "What do you want to talk about today?"... Silence. Does this situation ring a bell?

Your time is precious.

Before your meeting, Axel automatically contacts each participant to ask them to share the points, questions, topics they wish to discuss. A simple and effective way to get the most out of every meeting.

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You are my hero 💙

LE CHOUCHOU - Show your employees that you appreciate their work by regularly highlighting their achievements.

Promote a culture of recognition among your team members and keep everyone motivated.

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Team Building

THE POPULAR - No matter how far apart you are, build trust and strengthen the bonds between your team members.

Activate this routine to automatically push the organisation of a remote team building (or not) to your employees. Don't worry about anything, Axel will arrange everything with your team.

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They love Axel.

As CEO, Axel helped me to keep an eye on the morale of my team during the health crisis.
Thanks to Axel, I was able to detect a drop in motivation among some of my teleworkers,
which allowed me to act accordingly.

Nazim Nachi, CEO