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Does Axel have access to my private messages or other sensitive information?

When you install Axel on Slack or Microsoft Teams, a window asks you to give it permission to access certain data and perform certain actions on your workspace.

We respect the confidentiality of your data. We only ask for the permissions required for Axel to function properly on your workspace.
Axel has no access to your private messages.
Axel does not have access to messages published in public or private channels.
Axel does not have access to shared files on your workspace.
Axel is reviewed and validated by Slack.

Slack Permission Details

When installing Axel on Slack, a window asks you to give Axel permission groups, called "scopes". Below you will find the details of each scope, the permissions it gives and why we are asking you to do this.

- chat:write allows Axel to send messages to your workspace via a bot

- im:write allows Axel to proactively send messages to users without them opening a conversation with it. This allows us to onboard users and send your campaigns to your employees.

- im:history allows us to read and react to private messages that are sent to Axel by direct message, as well as to react to button clicks. This does not give us access to your private messages, nor to messages published on public or private channels.

- users:read gives us access to the list of users in your workspace, including data such as name, first name, time zone, language and avatar.

- gives us access to the emails of the users of your workspace. This makes it easier for you to add users to your dashboard, and we can send you onboarding emails to facilitate your use of Axel.

- files:read allows Axel to read files that have been shared directly with it. This way your users can attach attachments to their replies! This does not give us access to files shared elsewhere on your workspace.

- channels:read allows us to have the list of public channels in your workspace. Our Broadcast feature allows you to select a public channel on which you want Axel to publish campaign results. With this permission we are able to provide you with a dropdown where you can select the public channel of your choice. This does not give us access to the messages exchanged in the public channels.

- groups:read gives us access to the master data of the privatex channels to which you have added Axel. This scope is similar to channels:read, but for private channels, and only if Axel is part of it. We use it for our Broadcast functionality. It does not give us access to messages exchanged in private channels.

- chat:write.public allows Axel to publish messages in public channels, even if it is not one of them. This allows us to give you an improved experience when you want to use Broadcast in a public channel: no need to add Axel to the channel!

- chat:write.customize allows us to customize Axel's avatar and name when sending messages to your workspace. With the Broadcast feature, Axel publishes employees' replies in a channel of your choice. For a more enjoyable experience, we use the avatar and name of the collaborator to send these messages.

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